About Us

ExpressionMed began in the Summer of 2015 with the mission to create adhesives for wearable devices that were as fun as they were functional. After two years of research we found the perfect tape for longevity and comfort. Our company began sales in November in 2016 by offering patches for Insulin Pumps, and shortly after we introduced Dexcom tapes into our product line. We are excited to have expanded our product mix to include adhesives for Enlite, Libre, Pod and Medtronic CGMs.

According to our customer surveys, our adhesives will stay on for 10 days to "3+ weeks" without fraying or lifting. Our material is thin and breathes with your skin so you don't feel it as you move throughout the day.  Our tape has been worn on everyone from a busy dad of five to a competitive swimmer. 

More inspiring than the product itself, the people I've met through this process have been amazing. Every parent who knows that diabetes isn't a lifestyle change for a child, but a whole family; every energetic kid that doesn't let a disease stop them from doing what they want to do; and every person who has faced difficult times and bounced back more confident and happy than people who can't imagine what diabetes is.

ExpressionMed was built for you, and you are the reason our staff continues to work tirelessly everyday to bring this product to life, spread your message, and educate the world. 
We are happy that ExpressionMed is a part of your family, and invite you to join ours. 


Meghan Sharkus

Founder and CEO of ExpressionMed