When will I get my confirmation email and when will my tapes arrive?
Orders placed before 2pm will be shipped on the same day. Orders placed after 2p will be shipped the following day. Weekend orders will ship Monday morning.
Domestic orders take 3-5 business days to ship. International orders take 7-21 days. Email us at info@expressionmed.com exactly how many days yours took and we will create a chart on this page for our other international customers :) 
What is the difference between the g5 and g6 patches?
The g5 center hole is 1.4 inches long the g6 is 1.69 inches. The tapes are all 4 by 2.4 inches. Check out pictures on our instagram to see how they fit each device. 
Great news! You can wear g5 tapes with g6 monitors and g6 tapes on g5 monitors. Many have done it before. Just know that you will have to stretch the g5 tapes a little to get them on the g6 and you will have extra white space showing if you use the g6 tape on the g5. 
This is the g5 tape on a g5, photo by @lil.diabadass on instagram
Narwahls fund Diabetes tape sticker adhesive ExpressionMed Patch peelz sugar patch tape griff grips
This is the g5 tape on a g6, photo by @ruth.navarrete18 on instagram
Dexcom g5 g6 tape sticker adhesive sugar patch peelz
This is then g6 tape on a g6 photo by @stp156 on instagram
Dexcom g6 soccer sports athletes ExpressionMed adhesive tape sticker sugar patch pump peelz
This is the g6 tape on a g5, photo by @stp156 on instagram
Soccer ExpressionMed Dexcom g5 g6 pump peelz patch peelz sugar patch tape adhesive glue sticker
What type of currency are your prices?
They are in USD
What kind of shipping you use (courier or just regular mail)? 
Regular mail
Where does your product ship from and could there be duty fees if it has to cross the border?
We ship from Chanhassen MN. There could be duty fees at the border :(  I don't think anyone can avoid these and if you know a company that does let us know so we can do what they do. 
What material your patches are made from?
These tapes are hypoallergenic. If you have specific allergy concerns please message info@expressionmed.com. 
If you have skin sensitivity please email info@expressionmed.com for a free sample in exchange for your feedback. We have almost perfected our sensitive skin advice but we want to make sure we have suggestions for every person.  
How does your subscription work? 
Our subscription lets you pick any mix of tapes and the time period you would like to wait between each shipment. 
Make sure you make an account at checkout because you can log in and swap tapes on your subscription, skip your next order if you have too many tapes, add to your subscription or cancel your subscription.